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Hello everyone and happy new year ! The staff and I are finally back from our vacation and have big changes in store for this year. Bear with us as we reorganize and get ready for a whole new year of gossip, conspiracy theories, and insider information.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Greenpoint in the News

If you live in brooklyn, it is highly likely that every so often you get Marty Markowitz's newsetter called "Brooklyn!!". Ususally it is a lot of feel good articles about all these little slices of life from across the borough. More often than not, there are pictures of various functions and celebrations with Marty placed prominently near the center. Well, I usually flip through it because it is a great way to catch up with what the Bedstuy Botanical Brigadiers are up and a way to learn about the latest innovations in bird care from the Canarsie Canarie Caring Coalition. The most recent issue featured a nice little article about an up and coming greenpointer : Marsha Mehran. Apparently she has written some book called Pomegranate Soup that is supposed to be very good. Wonder where in Greenpoint she lives ? I don't believe I have ever seen Marty happier...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Visit to a Prison in Iraq

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Sameer Quiz Answer Key

1) 1) The first DVD I ever bought was Karate Kid 2 (Extended Edition)

This is true. Maybe it is the stunningly realistic portrayal of Okinawa. Maybe it is Sato and his gravelly voice. But there is something very special about this movie. Goodbye,Mr. Miyagi. Goodbye...

2) I used to be extremely obese as a child.

Absolutely false. In fact, before Tracy Gold made it fashionable, I was once considered anorexic.

3) Once, while in India, a monkey stole my glasses.

True. I was with my aunt in Vrindavan and we found ourselves at an ancient temple that was filled with hundreds of monkeys. These were not the cute and cuddly kind. They were mean. One stole my glasses right off of my face and another took my aunt's chapals. There was a food vendor there who conveniently had food to buy to give to the monkeys. Once I bought the food and threw some towards the monkeys, they dropped my glasses and ran to the food.

4) My favorite Bollywood Movie is Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

False. In fact I hate this movie. A melodramatic tearjerker that is sure to get under your skin. My favorite bollywood movie is probably Dil Se with Koi Mil Gaya and Paheli coming in close.
Who's up for going to see a bollywood film in Jackson Heights soon?

5) I am allergic to chocolate and in general hate sweets.

False. I liked Tracy's answer the best. "completely false since you had an orgasm eating fine Belgium chocolates at my house, and you also immediately scan the counter tops for treats when you walk through my door."

6) I was once hired to cover a hip hop convention in Jamaica for a documentary filmmaker.

True. I was pretty scared because I had no idea what it was going to be like but when I ended up going, it was like being on the set of America's Next Top Video Ho. The name of the conference was "How Can I Be Down?" and I am still trying to learn the answer to that question.

7) I prefer METRO to AM New York in the battle of the free papers.

False. Metro is too pretty looking and doesn't give you the news in little digestible chunks like AM New York does. Also, it seems like METRO is only served in upscale areas which goes against the whole idea of a free paper if you ask me.

8) While staying in a capsule hotel in Japan, I was in a 6.2 level earthquake

True. It was a very scary experience especially because I had never experienced an earthquake and nobody on the planet knew where I was except kind Mr. Fujimoto at the check in counter.

9) The World Trade Center was my favorite place in NYC, even before it became cool to like it after 9/11

True. In fact Maki and I were there just a few days before 9/11 shopping for giant toothbrushes. The Sphere, which I always referred to as the Brain, was a sculpture at the base of the tower, and was my favorite spot in which to lie and feel like the towers were going to fall on me. And then they actually did. Unbelievable. Still.

10) My first job in NYC was playing music in a group called Three Card Monty

True. There was this Indian kid at NYU named Mark who was amazing at guitar and for some reason I stared calling him Monty. So we made a trio to play at rich people's cocktail parties and called it "Three Card Monty" until one client didn't like the shady connotation and we changed it to the Monty Trio.

11) I once went on a cruise with 10 other indian families to Alaska, and all the other people on the boat were evangelical Christians.

True, but I must admit, some of the people on the boat might have been episcopalian.
Sorry if that threw anybody off.

12) I love pets.

Oh, How I want it to be true. I really do.

13) I once picked up my friend at the airport by disguising myself as a limo driver (prompting security concerns).

True. I wore blank pants, stuffed my belly to make it look bigger, and had one of those hats that people in Off track betting places wear. I also had a sign with my friends name on it so when he walked off the plane, he would see me. The other drivers just gave me the nod that usually comes when pros meet each other in the field.

14) I am known as the man with the one untied shoe in the files of both the NYPD and the FBI.

True and False. I mean, I believe it to be true but until I get my hands of certain files, I will never know. For those who say I am paranoid, I remember the William Burroughs quote : "A paranoid man is a man with all the facts."

16) I attended the world premiere of Stop or My Mom Will Shoot

False. For some reason, almost everybody thought this was true. Why the hell would I attend the premiere for this movie ? Also, why do you think I would even be able to get in to such an A list event like a wold premiere ? Estelle Getty is truly a golden girl though.

17) I have read the collected works of J.R. Tolkein

False. It seems too boring. Aaron has asked aloud if I have ever read anything all the way through. No comment.

18) I have read the collected works of J.K. Rowling

No, but I am thinking of adapting the books for the Indian Market as Hari Potter and the Swami's Stone. And I thought the latest movie was really fun.

19) I once helped make a documentary on soap.

True. In high school, for my chemistry class, my friend Rajiv and I decided to a project on soap and thought we would make a short film on soap. 30,000 dollars and 2 broken marriages later, the film was finally completed.

20) I was the organizer of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Hipster Invitational Tennis Tournament for 3 years and have set a record for longest running tournament never to see a winner.

True. One year the tournament was ended because of 9/11. The next year, half the entrants went to fucking burning man. The third year, the polish mafia who hoard the last 2 courts in mccarren park scared off all the tournament entrants with promises of dead cow heads in their beds. Sigh.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Pilgrims and Indians

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hey Rajiv

Is this the picture that makes you hate this movie?

Friday, November 18, 2005

4 shows in 2 days

New York is always overwhelming in terms of how many events are going on simultaneously. I guess this is true of any large city but in only in New York will you have to decide between attending a tribute to the Rockefeller Family at the Museum of Natural History by the Audubon Society or a Bhangra dance competition to be broadcast on Zee TV.
Luckily, your intrepid reporter is not one to be daunted easily so over the last 2 days, I was able to make it to 4 events, all of which were pretty damn amazing.
First was this performance at Gigantic Art Space on wednesday featuring Lee Renaldo from Sonic Youth and Leah Singer, an experimental filmmaker. It was very beautiful and included this insane drummer from the band The Necks and a bagpipe player who sounded like 10 Eric Dolphy's at once.

Then I went up to Leo Koening Gallery around 11 to make it to the opening of the new Gelitin show which is really strange. The project is called tantamounter 24/7 and basically is a human copy machine. You bring any object you wish, insert it into the machine and you will get some kind of interpretive copy of your object back alongside with the original. Really a lot of fun.

Lat night went to Gavin Brown's Passerby space to catch the opening of Eye from the Boredoms new show and there was even a performance...

And to top it all off, went to see Konono # 1 at S.O.B's last night and that was unbelievable. I ran into a lot of people there, including my friend Christian who sporadically ran to the stage and threw the band one dollar bills. The singer was very pleased. At one point this random woman from the crowd came up on stage and danced with the energy of a supernova. She danced very naughtily with the mc of the band and he was loving it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Acceptance and Denial

My high school, Shady Side Academy, was having some kind of reception for NY alumni last night and so I met up with my old school chum Erica Love to try and go. Here she is standing next to a large steampipe in midtown...

Unfortunately, SOMEONE forgot to RSVP because if she had, we would have known that a strict dress code was in effect for the event. I was wearing sneakers, which I guess is a cardinal sin in the world of the New York Athletic Club and Erica was wearing denim, although she thinks she could have gotten away with it. So we were literally rejected out of our own alma mater's celebration. Somehow, we thought it was very symbolic. So we decided to forget about the party and head down to soho where there was a party at the Kodak gallery for Fader magazine. I had RSVP'd + 2 and Maki called just as we were heading down so she came along. We arrived at the gallery only to see a mass of people waiting outside in line. Luckily Lisa Levine was near the front of the line and so we were able to cut in front of a lot of pissed off people. Finally got to the door and said my name and the woman said fine but I could only bring one person in with me. Basically, she wanted me to choose between Maki and Erica and screw over the other. Now I know what it feels like to be Paula Abdul on American Idol in the final rounds.This was now the 2nd event that we were denied entry. We decided to cut our losses and go to the dumpling house where James met up with us.

Finally met up with Lisa again who got a call from her sister. She was in a cab and was about to pass us by the base of the bridge. She got out of the cab and we waited for a while for the B39. I know the MTA has this surplus and all, but what the fuck are they doing with it ? Having holiday greetings fares...I'll give them a holiday greeting if I ever run into the board members.

Finally got back to williamsburg, where Becky took us to a top secret location where she may or may not be living....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gohan in East Harlem

Through the years, I have attended my share of TV studio tapings, usually with the hopes of getting on TV. I have fond memories of attending the taping of Judge Mills Lane with Aaron a few years back and while I bet he is still bitter that I took the seat guaranteed to be on TV, right behind the defendant, I am sure he remembers the bizarre cases we saw that day.
Well, needless to say, I was pretty excited when my friend Mao emailed me and asked if I would be interested in attending a taping of a cooking competition show she was producing called Gohan in New York. Faster than you could say Koshikari, I called up Miss Hojo and asked if she would be interested. Sure enough, she was and so we made the trip up to east harlem where the studio was located.
We were supposed to arrive around 11 a.m., but we got there early (a rare feat for either of us) and so we decided to do a little exploration. We came upon this amazing church that had very beautiful carvings all over it. We decided to go inside and were amazed to see a packed house. There was some kind of christian business going on inside (I guess to be expected in a church) but everything was being conducted in spanish so wasn't really sure what was going on. At one point, the priest asked everybody to rise and this startled Maki so much, that she yelled "RUN!" and we booked out of the church. We then headed over to central park where we ran into some little friends.

Finally, we went to get into line for the taping of the show. We were surprised by how many people were actually there and were wondering how these people knew about the show. We went inside and was surprised at the size of the studio.

Finally, the cook off began and as it went on and on, i was getting damn hungry. There was a celebrity panel of chefs who kept using words like "melange of flavors" and "succulent" and this only made my pangs of hanger worse. Luckily, after the taping, we got to taste all the different dishes.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Week in Review

I know people talk a lot these days about the acceleration of history and how speed-of-light communication technologies are supposed to obliterate the paradigms of space and time, but damn it is hard to keep up with all that goes on. Here then, without much comment are some random moments from the week that was.

Chilling with Johnny McCurran on the N.7th Pier in Williamsburg, watching the nuclear orange sky.

Giving Roan his first piano lesson in Fire Island on John Lennon's piano.

Checking out the new coffee cup collection at the City Reliquary.

Doing my laundry...glad I used the delicates setting !

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Two New Yorks

The second mayoral debate happened to coincide with the Indian festival of Diwali this year and I was really worried that one was going to conflict with the other. I mean diwali is a time for togetherness, not divisiveness, and as Freddy Ferrer has reminded us a billion times, there are 2 new yorks. One in which he has no chance in hell of winning, and another in which he really has no chance in hell of winning. I was invited to go a Diwali party by my friend Raina and was relieved to see that it didn't start until 8:30 and since the debate was at 7, I would be able to have my luddoos and eat them too.
The only problem was figuring out where I could watch the debate. I immediately thought about that venerable organization, drinking liberally and went to their site hoping for some kind of drinking guide to the debates. I noticed that they had meetings often at this place called Rudy's on 9th ave and 44th st. so I decided to sally ride it down there, expecting all these political junkies frothing at the mouth, anticipating the verbal fireworks that were about to be launched. Instead, I came upon a meeting of some frickin' union (maintenance workers I think, not that there is anything wrong with that occupation). I asked the bartender if it would be possible to put on the debate and she said sure, but there would be no audio. Well, I certainly wasn't interested in watching freddy and bloomy gesturing to each other so I left.
It was 6:57 and I was starting to get really nervous. I ran from bar to bar, asking if they would put on the debate and was often greeted with the most bewildered or hostile expressions. Finally, I found some irish pub that was relatively empty and that had a big sign saying upstairs tv lounge. I asked the bartender if the lounge was open and she said no but the manager could open it up for me. At that point James called, totally unaware of the hell I had been through to find a venue. It was now 7:05 and I was stressed because the damn manager was on the phone and she was was the only one with the power to open up the upstairs lounge. Finally I asked the bartender if they have call waiting, and this finally gave her the hint to go talk to the manager who rushed up and opened the lounge for us. We were the only 2 up there which was pretty cool and if not for a gate over the bar, we literally could have had an open bar. At one point, I had a Lynndie England moment (seen above). Somehow, it all worked out.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My First Opera (Recording)

James Powderly, who is amongst other things, a composer, installation artist and roboticist, called me last week and asked if I would help him with a proposal for a robotic opera he wants to do. He had chosen an opera song by the German composer Hugo Wolf and wanted me to play it on the piano while he played the other parts on the guitar. So we ended up meeting about 3 times and played the song over and over again to the point where I still have the song stuck in my head. It is called "Das Verlassene Magdlein" which translates to The Forsaken Servant Girl. I hope to have the recording posted up here soon but the lyrics are very melancholic and thought it was worth sharing them with my devoted readers...

Early, when the roosters crow
Before the stars disappear
I must stand at the hearth
I must light the fire
Beautiful is the glow of the flames
The Sparks leap
I stare into the fire
Sunk in sorrow
Suddenly I remember
Faithless boy
That last night I dreamed about you
Tear after Tear then flows down my cheeks
That is how the day begins
Oh, I wish it were over !

Monday, October 31, 2005

Costumes on a Budget

So it was friday, and halloween was fast approaching (am I the only one who is kind of annoyed that people will stretch out the holiday for 4 days) and James and I had no clue what we were going to be. James's gal pal Julia was going to be the big bad wolf from red riding hood so he figured he would be the grandmother. I didn't know what I wanted to be, except that it had to be cheap and really easy to put on. So we decided to hit the 99 cent stores of greenpoint to see what we could find.
First we went to Dee & Dee which, while not quite a 99 cent store, has plenty of good bargains. James found the perfect nightie to wear but wanted to make sure that the size was OK. As he was putting it on, a rather rude lady (shown in the picture above) who had probably worked there for over 50 years started saying "Don't you dare put that on sonny boy". James and I immediately started arguing with the woman and she threatened to get the manager. James kept explaining how he just wanted to see if it fit him and she kept saying try it at home and bring it back if it doesn't fit. Finally, she went to tend to a shortage on socks in aisle 3, so I provided cover as James tried on the nightie. It was a shockingly good fit.
With his costume all settled, we went to the 99 cent store next door and all I was able to find were these really tacky aprons. I tried on a pink one and just as I was asking James, "how do I look", the chinese woman that owns the store walked by and gave us both a weird look that can only be summed up as "damn homos are ruining this country".

Friday, October 28, 2005

Animal Collective

Went to a party the other night for this new (well, at least new to me) magazine called Animal. It was at some ridiculously swanky new bar on bowery and it featured the inevitable, but highly enjoyable, open bar. There were a lot of characters there including this tranny who was hitting on my friend Sean. I tried to warn him that all was not as it seemed but he was waving me off so I left him to figure things out for himself. Ran into Jun, who is someone I know from a long time ago, when I used to work at Exit Art. She and her friends knew the secret to getting the most drinks, which was standing at this one spot near the bar where some cocktail waitresses were filling up trays of drinks to take back to the VIP room. Grabbing the drinks off the trays was easy but felt bad because then the waitresses had to start all over again and fill up their tray with a new batch of drinks. They never seemed to make it to their destination. It was very sisyphus like (maestro, take note).

Thursday, October 27, 2005

King of Pop (Art)

Got out of work early the other day so headed down to chelsea to check out some shows which is something I hadn't done in a while. Was pleased to see many good things including Bill Morrison's show at Maya Stendhal, which eerily enough, included a film about hurricanes. I asked the demure gallery attendant, who looked so intimidatingly sophisticated in her power broker suit, whether Morrison had created that film in response to Katrina or not but it turns out that he had completed the film a full year before the calamitous events of 2005. The really disillusioning part of it all is that when the woman spoke, the most god awful jersey accent you ever heard in your life came spilling out and suddenly I thought to myself..."awww wittle sally is pwaying dwess up today."
The real highlight of the afternoon was seeing the Candize Breitz show at Sonnabend gallery. It features one installation in which all of these german Michael Jackson fans sing the entire album "Thriller" and then their individual performances are synced up to make a chorus. It makes a fascinating study on both the nature of fandom and how even the most universal of texts is recontextualized by an individual's idiosyncratic reading. Two thumbs way up.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I See White People

A Study in Ethnic Diversity

Met Maki and James for lunch yesterday at this place that I love called Primeburger. It is a diner that seems like it is straight out of the 20's, especially because there are these seats with trays attached to them. Maki thought sitting in the chair made her feel 6 years old. Well, anyway, we were having a lovely time and were about to ask for our check when this portly man approached us with a camera. I assumed that he was going to ask for one of us to take a picture of his group but then he said that he was from Denmark and that his group were on vacation in New York and that they were discussing how they love the ethnic diversity of New York. He asked what ethnicities we were and so we responded Filipino, Indian, Japanese and this just tickled him and his group pink. "What luck!", they must have been thinking, to hit the ethnic equivalent of an all you can eat buffet....So he took pictures of us and then I had him take one with my cellphone.
Maki and I were both done with work for the day so I came along with her to this japanese book store called Book Off where you can sell your books and buy used books as well. Maki had a bag with about 17 books in it and the woman at the counter told us to browse for 5 minutes while she made some esoteric calculations. Maki headed for her favorite section, the graphic novel section...

Monday, October 10, 2005

Storm Chasers

It was that time of year again....openhouse new york and kate and I weren't going to let a little rain get in the way of of our explorations. Here is a picture of us battling the elements on the balcony at the Instituto Cervantes.
We went to many locations including the 59th St. Killer Whales Club...
And even went to the grand lodge of the masons which is always a spiritual experience. Here is a pic of me sitting in my rightful place: the throne of the master mason....

Editor's note: Simply too many things happened on this day, making it very hard to give a lively account of it all....One is reminded of the Calvino quote "Cities are memories solidified"

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


So the other day james and I found ourselves in front of jessica's house at 3 in the morning and realized we were hungry. I had about 15 minutes before the B61 came and so we went to the only place that was open : the mcdonald's across the street. We had seen this rowdy bunch of indian hoodlums standing at the drive-thru menu and we were skeptical that they would actually be served but sure enough, they placed their order and walked to the pickup window. James had his bike and so we went to place an order but I was nervous because the line was long and I didn't want to miss my bus (the next one wasn't for another hour) over a stupid little cheeseburger but I ordered one anyway. Suddenly to my horror, while we were still waiting in line to pickup our food, the tell tale lights of the B61 came around the corner. I ran for the bus and got on it and in the background all I could hear was james yell, "Hey what about your food?"
I said "fuggedhaboutit". So then I am riding back to gpoint when all of a sudden I get a call and james asks where I am....I tell him I am just approaching hassidic row and he said "I'll see you soon." Suddenly around Grand St. I spotted him passing the bus and at the next stop he hopped on the bus, threw the burger over to me and than ran back off...needless to say the bus driver and the other passengers were very confused...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fun and Games with the Falun Gong Gang

Got out of work early yesterday so decided to take a jaunt through the streets of midtown (something I have done about 1000 times but there are so many routes one can take and always something that you notice that you swear wasn't there before)and came upon everyone's favorite zany political refugees...yes that's right, the falun dafa ! here are a couple of pics I was able to take...

Virgo Varga's Vacation

It's been a long time and so much to blog do all the hardcore bloggers out there do it? You know, the ones who actually post everyday or some shit like that ?

Well anyways, a couple of weekends ago I went upstate to Jane's house for her birthday celebration and it was truly an amzing are some sample pics from the weekend

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mangala Mangala

From one Mangal.... to another...

Got to give it up to Mangal Pandey, the coolest sepoy this side of the ganges...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Comedy Central

After an exhausting night of apartment hunting, I was ready to unwind with some food and drink. I called James and he said he was just heading out to eat. I said "I'll join you" and his immediate response was, "You are not going to want to eat where I am eating." Intrigued, I assured him that unless it was raw meat from a greenpoint butcher, I would pretty much eat anything. Finally, he fessed up and named the location, which for the protection of reputations, will not be diclosed here...
Then on the way out of _________ James said, "You wanna see some comedy ?" I shrugged my shoulders and nodded yes and next thing I knew, we were in the Alligator Lounge, sitting in the back room with about 20 other comedy enthusiasts. Actually, half the crowd were just people waiting for their turn at the mic and their unlucky friends who had to be there for moral support. The comics went from bad to worse although there were some delightfully awkward moments. One comic constantly heckled a fat girl in the back which provided for some lovely moments.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Origins of Critical Mass ?

This has been a real movie oriented week with free movies playing all over the place. On monday I saw Jaws in Bryant Park, and last night I went to check out the movie Marathon Man in Central Park. The most infamous scene in the movie is the dental torture but I thought it was interesting that in the beginning they show this french bike protest that is very similar to both critical mass and my friend Jessica's aeolian ride.
Suzi,Leejone(who just got back from China),Eric,James, and I ended up going to the subway inn (special thanks to kayt for the suggestion) where we shared the space with a large rowdy group of questionable age. They picked the lamest songs from the jukebox and were doing shot after shot of something nasty.
Oh, had another sighting of captain redpants (this time in a nice khaki) at lincoln center again, dancing to the sounds of a flamenco band...will get pics soon...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stockhausen !

Up late and am listening to WKCR's show Transfigured Night and am pleased to hear that they are doing a birthday tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen from 1a.m. - 5 a.m.

Captain Redpants

Am a little behind in posting about this, but that is only because my photographer (all good blogs have at least one intrepid photographer on their payrolls these days) took his sweet time sending me the evidence.

Captain Redpants, also known as Einstein, has been one of those people that I have seen everywhere : art openings, bargain sales, public events and music concerts. I heard he is a curator but I don't know. It is only lately that I have come to realize that has a serious penchant for dancing. I saw him dancing with a young woman on 5th Ave in front of the Jewish Museum on Museum Mile Day and was totally shocked. Eric(who officially coined the term Captain Redpants) was there and we couldn't contain our bemusement.

Anyway, on Saturday ended up going to see some dance tribute to disco at lincoln center and was amazed to see captain redpants. Not only was he dancing, but he had an entire troupe of "tweens" dancing in unison around him. James, the aforementioned photographer, took some shots that he thought might get him into trouble and erased them.

Needless to say, must make contact with this man the next time I see him.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sweet and Vicious

Went to this party last night at a bar called Sweet and Vicious that featured the most amazing southern food that I have ever had. Fried Chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potaters, etc were all served by this guy Dante, who is a good friend of my friend Rebecca. I couldn't quite figure out what the event was for but it was filled with so many people I knew that I thought maybe it was a birthday party or something. But anytime I asked someone what brought you to the party, they would take a bite of their chicken and say "this". I guess if you cook it, they will come.
Erica Love and I decided to take an ice cream break but it was too late to find any parlours that were open so we ended up in this deli, debating about what kind to get. I ended up with one of those messy fruit popsicles and she went for a juice instead.

Hey Lewis Smith # 6435

Was really surprised to find that I got 2 comments on one of my posts and went to check them out. While one was a nice simple comment, the other was some wierd spam. Spam on a blog ? Is nothing sacred anymore....

Dear Lewis,

While I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to look at my little old blog, I really don't want to get your stock tips. I wouldn't invest with you if you were the last broker on earth. I do think that India and China are the 2 global markets to watch in the future. Good luck with FCPG.

The Disaster Area

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Scrapple for an Apple

Whoa, I know people really want a good bargain, but this is ridiculous. Stampedes over laptops ? I haven't seen this much pent-up consumer rage since the days of Cabbage Patch Dolls where parents would come armed to stores when a new doll was being released. 50 dollars is cheap for a laptop though....

Happy Birthday Bill

Bill Evans was simply the greatest.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Club Exit, No Exit

Went to Club Exit for a good old fashioned hoedown with Lisa and Vanessa, who is visiting from Mexico. We agreed to do an exchange program in which she can come visit me in India and I can come stay in her village in mexico. Club Exit really makes one feel like they have left industrial north brooklyn and entered las vegas in the 70's. Who knew that so much glamour and eurotrash existed above a burger king ? Tha Pumpsta was pretty good, especially his hard core drummer (Erika referred to her as the cutest lesbian you will ever meet). Between the acts ,the dj would spin all kinds of things from hip hop hits of the last 5 years to european house music. I really like it when the hipsters and the polish comingle and yesterday might as well have been armistice day. Greenpoint never ceases to amaze...

The River: Documentation and Exoticism

Went to see Jean Renoir's 1951 movie "The River" last night at lincoln center and thought it was great. The main story is kind of silly, told from the viewpoint of a 13 year old girl who falls in love with a visiting american but the real star of the movie is India herself (Bengal to be specific) and I especially loved the long documentary like sequences in which we simply see life in India presented without any comment. The colors were absolutely amazing and this film is somewhat of an ethnographic study of what life was like back then. Nice depictions of what diwali, holi, and other festivals are really like in India. The only time identity politics were ever really addressed was when it came to the half-indian, half-british daughter who was really torn between both worlds.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

SSA Magazine Worthy ?

It has been a long running joke about getting into the where are they now pages in the Shady Side Academy alumni magazine but I think these pics would make the cut. Well maybe not the one with Masha sticking her tongue out...I like the picture of Lisa and I. We look very serious and it seems like we are standing in the middle of a void